Even if in winter the cold is at the rendezvous, your clothing style should not lose anything of its elegance. Your glamor must always be present to show everyone that winter is not synonymous with neglected style. Here are 3 irresistible working girl looks to adopt during the fall winter season. Do not forget to inspire yourself at will and why not bring your personal touch.

The oversized jacket combined with a neutral T-shirt and jeans pants

The winter fall season is the perfect season to take your oversized jacket out of the closet. This very important piece for concocting an irresistible look, protects you from the cold and gives you a trendy look. Since it will be cold, you will have to mix it with jeans pants. Under the jacket, you can put a neutral T-shirt, that is to say without message. The color of the t-shirt is not really important, all colors are allowed as long as they are in harmony with the rest of the look.

Wrap dress mixed with a coat of the same size

The wrap dress is the perfect working girl look you can wear during the winter fall season. You can mix it with a coat the same size that you are free to close or leave open. The wrap dress can be polka dot, flower or animal print. It's winter and prints are allowed, so don't deny yourself.

The long fur coat combined with plaid pants and long-sleeved shirt

In winter, the fur coat is always in fashion. It is always chic and can be fun to wear. Combined with plaid pants and a shirt, you have the ideal working girl look for the winter fall season.