4 Tips to Styling Your Blazer

4 Tips to Styling Your Blazer



The blazer is a flagship piece found in at least99 of the dressing roomss female. It gives a touch at a timeclassic and modern to a look. However, it should be noted that what makes the blazer special is the way it is worn. It is thanks to the elements with which it is combined that we come to appreciate the wearing of this garment which has become essential. For fun and even more modern looks, here are 4 tips forstylize your blazer.

Shorten the sleeves of his blazer

The classic blazer as we know it is a garment with theboyish cut. It is therefore important to feminize it by shortening the sleeves a little. You can shorten the sleeves of your blazer either halfway or one3/4 length. However, be careful not to cut too short.

Accessorize your blazer

To style your blazer, there is nothing better than accessories. Asmall belt placed on a blazer with open buttons makes all the difference. The belt must be discreet so as not to steal the show from the flagship piece which is the blazer itself. It should be fine andsingle colors.

Never forget to wear your blazer in a classic way

The classic-worn blazer will always be in fashion. So don't forget to sometimes wear it in a black color and with a shirt closed up to the neck and a beautifulpantsuit.

Adapt your blazer for every occasion

The blazer does not always have to be worn the same way. It must be adapted to each occasion, whether worn at the office, at a party, or even casually. The blazer can go casual withsneakers, but in the office, he gets better withHigh heel shoes. Adaptation is one of the best ways to style your blazer.


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