5 tips to adopt to be stylish at work! # workingirl

5 tips to adopt to be stylish at work! # workingirl


5 tips to adopt to be stylish at work!

1. Make it functional

In the workplace, it is always better to opt forfunctional parts.Comfort must take precedence overglamour, and the two go very well when you know how to match them. For a functional look, you should avoid having scruffy air. Before dressing, ask yourself if you can go to a work meeting with the outfit you are wearing. Avoid thems too tight parts who won't leave youfree to move and that may be subjective..

2. Bet on the coins that work

For aworking girl style throwing, some pieces work every time. It's about clip pants, of thepencil skirt andmen's suit female cute. You can also use jackets and blazers. The results are guaranteed.

3. Don't be provocative

Being provocative and attracting everyone's attention is great! But in the world of work, some might find it too much teaser. So being too provocative is not being a working girl. The flashy varnish, thewaders, theminis, thenecklines andstockings with heel are excluded from your look to go to work.

4. Be sexy otherwise

What ! It is not because we are a working girl that we are going to dress like a bag. On the contrary, we dressbille sexy, but otherwise, andmoderate. A men's suit can be very sexy. Fold the bottom a little, put a V crop top not dipping on the other hand, fold the sleeves to make a ¾, and usees accessories.Clutches,earringss,bracelets, andshoes. All for a lookfunctional, feminine, and trendy !

5. Adopt make-up no make-up

Thenudeis trendy, but nude is mostlyt working girl. For a working girl look that throws it, you have to find a way to be well dressed without doing too much.The make-up no make-up is perfect for that. Choose your make-up wisely, and favor a make-up that will last all day. Don't wear too much makeup. So be sexy but without exaggerating and above all fresh, all day long. Who throws it now?


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