5 eco-friendly ways to wash your clothes

5 eco-friendly ways to wash your clothes


Eco-friendly ways to wash your clothes

Miss Trendy, wewe commit to make better decisions aboutour products and our practices. The choices we make are dedicated to a better world for people and the planet

1. Use low temperatures

 Most of the energy consumed is used to heat the water.


2. Full loads only

The less you wash each week, the better. Even the most energy-efficient loads consume a lot of water.


3. Use an ecological detergent

 Some detergents on the market may contain ingredients that are not good for you, your clothes or nature. Look for biodegradable, phosphate-free detergents made from plants.


4. Hang clothes if possible

The dryer consumes a lot of energy and reduces the life of your clothes. Line drying can be done indoors or outdoors, all year round, and without increasing energy consumption.


5. Hand wash

 Let's face it: hand washing is a cumbersome and time-consuming operation, but it is the most efficient way of doing laundry. Fortunately, some products contribute to this.

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