How to be chic at work?

As you know, beyond your skills and your confidence, the look at work is one of the vectors of your interpersonal skills, and you will also be considered through this. So, follow the guide, in order to break the codes, while remaining the #workingboss.

Adopt the right tone!

It seems wise to specify, first of all, where you are going. The dress code of your box will be very important. So, if you work in fashion, you will have to follow all the trends closely, and heat up your credit card a bit! If you work in finance, it will bode well to appear serious, and especially classic. Without going into the total granny look, you will need to invest in a good suit. We wrote about it here.

The golden rule: two to three colors maximum

Cristina Cordula asserts it, and all fashionistas know it, in order to guarantee a look without false notes: avoid putting more than three colors. In addition, it is necessary that these are rather in adequacy together. Or, the total black look, to be sure not to make any #fashion faux pas.

Wear what makes you comfortable

We can never say it enough, but a woman who has confidence in herself, is certainly the most radiant. Thus, we do not hesitate to take out the pair of shoes with which we made the wedding of his aunt, or his trench which was offered by Jules! Confidence attitude, for top #outfitinspiration!

Besides, what are the essential parts?

However, if you are still a little hesitant to put in a few pieces that have made you a warrior, then here is our advice. In winter, prefer the pea coat to the parka. And in mid-season, bet everything on the trench coat. Also, in terms of outfit, prefer straight pants, or carrot pants. Try to look serious, while having a bit of eccentricity. But don't forget: we adapt according to our profession!