How to make quick makeup?

How to make quick makeup?

How to make quick makeup?

There are bound to be more complicated days than others. And in those who seem more difficult, so does light makeup. But above all fast! Because sometimes it also feels good not to drag on in front of the mirror, here are some tips that we can give you.

1 / A good base for the face depending on your skin type

Yes, because even if you are a little lazy, or have a bad day, you should not neglect the complexion. We therefore apply a good cream adapted to its skin texture. Whether it is acne, oily, or dry, we take care that it is really the one we need.

Even if you want to make a quick makeup, we forget all the same not the primer, which will keep the makeup all day!

2 / The foundation and the rest: for a fresh complexion, zero imperfections

Then, we don't forget the foundation, and we opt for a foundation that is always easy to apply in order to save time.

We do not forget the concealer adapted according to the color of the foundation. If it is purplish, reddish, or bluish, we turn instead to corrective palettes which will have the benefit of having everything you need at arm's length.

Finally, we put a little loose powder to come and fix everything, and a hint of discreet blush.

3 / Eyes: the major asset

For quick makeup, don't forget the eyes and apply one to two coats of mascara on the lashes. But above all, do not abandon the eyebrow: the product will have to be adapted according to it. For a successful eyebrow, don't forget the three flagship products: a pencil to draw it, a powder to fill in, and finally a fixing mascara.

4 / And the mouth: delicately sensual

Finally, with regard to the mouth, you can, depending on your mood, opt for something nude or slightly tinted. Remember, first come and apply a moisturizing balm. The mouth still needs it!

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