Wearing a short skirt in the office is a subject that has generated a lot of ink and opinions are contradictory. While some find the idea of the short office skirt normal, others find it shocking. Wearing a short skirt to the office should be seen as a way to embrace your femininity, without going overboard of course. Don't you think here's how to wear the short skirt in the office..

Opt for a not very short skirt

A short skirt is not necessarily a skirt that lets you see your thighs. It is important to differentiate between a short skirt and a mini skirt. The short skirt can end just above the knee. At this height, it does not give a glimpse of much. So you can easily wear it to go to the office. In the workplace, the skirt can be short, but decent. The trick is to opt for a skirt that is not very short and has the right length.

Wear long opaque tights

If wearing a short skirt makes you feel like it, but you don't want to feel vulnerable, feel free to put on pantyhose at the bottom. Wearing long opaque tights at the bottom of her short skirt is the best way to wear it to the office. With this type of underwear, you don't have to pull your skirt up all the time and you are completely free to move around. If it's warm, you can also opt for slightly dark stockings..

Wear a fluid top

In the office, a short skirt often rhymes with a fluid top, it's the best combination. With a flowy top over your short skirt, you'll be more comfortable and less embarrassed on the go. You can wear a loose shirt or tunic, but nothing that hugs your body. This will give you a style that is both chic and daring.