Thesummer dress is trendy clothinge that you absolutely must have in yourdressing during the summer. As the name suggests, it is theperfect dress to fight the heat of summer while being elegantly dressed. With the evolution oftrends, you can now wear thesummer dressin the office without sending back a scruffy or overly simple image. However, you have to know how to wear it to give it a more dressy look. We tell you all about how to adapt your summer dresses to your office look.

Wear the right size summer dress

Summer dress exists under differentshapes and colors. Some models are moreshortand otherslonger. You are of course entitled to wear them all, but not to the office. To go tooffice,thesummer dresses very short above the knee and very long ankle level should be avoided. Those to prioritize are the mid-long summer dresses. They are neither too short because they exceed the knees, nor too long because they are above the 

Opt for a pair of heeled shoes

Ina beach or casual outing look,the summer dress goes with a pair of flip flops and voila. Here, the pair of flip flops is not welcome.In the office, the summer dress should go with beautiful heeled shoesor compensated. This type of shoes will take her out of the context of the beach dress that everyone knows about her.

Accessorize in moderation


In "office" mode, the summer dress must be accessorized in all sobriety. No fancy jewelry to overload the look. You just need to wear small earrings and a necklace around the neck, but especially not a long necklace.