This therefore turns out to be rather large pants, which exist in different cuts. The length and width may be different depending on the model of the pants. However, you have to be careful with the latter, since it tends to compact the silhouette. Yes, but he's so cute! So let's dare. Follow our little tutorial so you don't make any fashion faux pas.


At first, it seems wise to forget everything that can further amplify the silhouette: folds, pockets, and other eccentricities. On the other hand, the smaller you are, the shorter it will be. Finally, it is better to choose it in dark tones.

Definitely, to counterbalance the effect which settles, it is better to opt for high heels. However, avoid too big heels, which will thicken, as well as those that are too thin.

These pants can also be adapted to your work outfit, do not hesitate to read our article on our 3 flagship models for work and why to adapt it to your sauce.

Wondering what to wear it with Here are some outfit ideas..

  • If you plan to wear it for a business meeting, don't hesitate to wear it with a blazer and black boots, don't forget the two previous tipss)
  • A blouse and pumps for a shopping spree
  • A leather jacket, gold or silver pumps and a T-shirt

Final tips:

  • You can optionally wear it with pointy toe flats, these elongate the silhouette
  • You can also try denim gaucho pants for a little more relaxed effect.

See, the gaucho pants fit with a lot of outfits. Now that you have the keys to its success, don't hesitate any longer!