How to wear the tailor?

How to wear the tailor?

The pantsuit, for a #girlboss look, without being granny!

You like the pantsuit, but refuse to look like Angela Merkel Here are some tips we can give you to avoid the memorizing style..

First, don't hesitate to opt for different colors, such as striped pants, and a top to color. The mix & amp; match will be perfect! A #ootd to Instagramer automatically! !


You can also turn to the neoclassical effect, that is to say, adopt a solid outfit but with colors more flashy than black, navy blue, or grey ! Hello to yellow, burgundy, and pastel in all its forms!

The skirt suit, for the most stylish!

Coco Chanel created it, it's coming back in force. Yes,fashion is an eternal beginning. But how to wear theskirt suit without appearing vulgar Here are our tips..

As thepantsuit, care should be taken, especially after a certain age with the skirt suit, so as not to appear too harsh. We will therefore opt foreffects similar to pantsuit : we say helloin pastel colors, mix & amp; match, etc.

Finally, the preferred morphologies of skirt suits are those in H.

Accessorize everything

Finally, we will prefer, according to his desire of the moment,some accessories, to set the tone. So a tailoraccessorized with sneakers will give you an androgynous side. The same tailor may appear a lotmore feminine with pumps, etc. Same for necklaces, earrings, ...

And here you are!

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