How to wear a blouse according to its morphology?

How to wear a blouse according to its morphology?

The blouse, what a timeless outfit! Indeed, all women should have at least one blouse in their closet. Let us not hide it, the latter is practical for many situations: for work, a shopping spree, or a date. Chic and simple at the same time, just accessorize it and dress according to the occasion. Yes, but all women have a different morphology, and you want find the one that suits you perfectly ? No problem, here we are!


For H morphologies

That is to say, endowed a sporty silhouette, wide shoulders and a straight waist we will prefer blouses with a wide neckline short sleeves or ¾. 


In regards to the morphologies in I, which look more like a slim figure, a little pronounced chest, and small hips, well, be happy, almost all blouses will fit you. However try to wear things a not wide.

V-shaped morphologies

Then, V-shaped morphologies, rather have pronounced shoulders, a medium to generous chest, and not wide hips. For you, ladies, it will be better not to focus on your shoulders, so to put the volume and the materials at the bottom. Do not hesitate to put your chest forward, with an open collar. We will only advise you to opt for blouses in dark or solid colors, and rather fluid, ample at the bottom.

Morphologies in X

Are coming morphologies in X : these are rather thin at the waist, with broad shoulders, a medium chest, and wide hips. Your size being your main asset, it is here to highlight it. So try to put a belt on a blouse rather open to the neckline. You can also try the straight and fluid blouse, guaranteed success!

Morphology in A

Finally, if you have morphology in A, that is to say that you have rather small shoulders and chest, as well as wide hips, so it will be necessary to create a certain optical effect. Thus, it will be better to opt for light at the top and dark at the bottom. Finally, do not hesitate to turn to pleated or ruffled collars.

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