It's summer, the temperature is climbing and it's increasingly difficult to find what to wear to go to the office. We are sometimes tempted to wear our micro shorts and T-shirt to let the skin breathe, but in a professional environment, this is far from ideal. Don't worry, despite the heat, you still have a wide choice of clothes to wear. In this article, we tell you how to dress for the office when it's hot.

Wear flowing clothes

When it's hot, the priority is to let the skin breathe. She should not feel suffocated and for that tight clothes are not on the program. It's time to get out of the flowing shirts, summer dresses, palazzo, etc. Tight clothes like tights, close-fitting dresses and the like are to be stored during hot weather. Fluid suits and tailors are also options to consider. However, watch out for clothes that look fluid, but actually aren't. We often confuse fluid and too broad.

Choose light materials

To dress in the office when it's hot, the choice of material is also very important. Certain materials are known to give heat and not let air pass. This is the case of velvet and polyester, which are heavy materials that can give very hot. Unless your office is fully air conditioned, these materials are best avoided during hot weather.

Linen and thecotton are the materials to prioritize when the temperature rises. These materials arelight and don't hold air. You can therefore wear them even in an air-conditioned office without fear of suffocation.