How to dress according to its silhouette?

How to dress according to its silhouette?

Dress well, it's first wear clothes who are in agreement with his morphology. To get there, you need to know Her silhouette and the clothes that will suit him without overdoing it.

Know how to choose the clothing cut

All the women are different, not only by their face, but also by their silhouette or theirmorphology. Some women are round, others are slender and still others are slightly luscious. Forgets dressedr, each of these women must take into account their silhouette. Slender women can for example wear close-fitting clothing without having a look too daring. This is not always the case for round or slightly luscious women.

If you are a woman with generous shapes, you must opt forloose clothing which do not mold your shapes, but slide over them. Remember, however, that loose fitting does not mean puffy and misshapen. For luscious women, puffy outfits would only increase the volume at various levels.

Know how to choose the materials of your clothes

To dress according to your figure, the material of the clothes must be taken into account. Even slender women must know which material is adopted and which material is removed from the options. A material like satin for example can give the impression that slender women swim in their clothes. Women with round shapes should banish sticky materials, because they tend to mold the curves too much.

Choose wellthe subjects of its clothes according to his morphology is very important because there is only a fine barrier betweenchic and the vulgar. This is valid for all silhouettes.



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