Dressing well means first of all wearing clothes that match your body type. To achieve this, it is necessary to know your figure and the clothes that will fit without overdoing it.

Knowing how to choose the cut of clothes

All women are different, not only by their face, but also by their silhouette or their morphology. Some women are curvy, others are slender, and still others are slightly plump. To dress, each of these women must take into account her figure. Slender women, for example, can wear tight-fitting clothes without looking too daring. This is not always the case with curvy or slightly plump women.


If you are a generous figure, you should opt for loose clothing that does not hug your curves, but slips over them. Remember, however, that loose clothing does not mean puffy and misshapen. For plumper women, puffy outfits would only increase the volume at various levels.

Knowing how to choose the materials of your clothes

To dress according to your silhouette, the material of the clothes must absolutely be taken into account. Even slender women need to know which subject to adopt and which to eliminate options. A material such as satin for example can give the impression that slender women are swimming in their clothes. Curvy women should avoid sticky materials, as they tend to over-mold the curves.


Choosing the right materials for your clothes according to your morphology is very important, because there is only a fine barrier between chic and vulgar. This is valid for all silhouettes.