How do you find the color that suits you best?

How do you find the color that suits you best?

Determine your complexion and your season

We all know the impact that certain colors have on us women: red seductive lipstick, thee black mysterious dune tight little dress, or the golden color of a pretty pair of stilettos. However, each woman is unique; and if the media tend to standardize a certain type of beauty, each body, each skin and each personality is different, so a color that suits one person will not necessarily hurt another. There are two tips for knowing if a color suits you: :

  • First, determine if you have a hot or cold complexion. To do this, observe which metal suits you best: if gold enhances you, you have a warm complexion. If it is money, you have a cold complexion.oid.
  • Then determine which season of the year suits you best: you belong to spring if you have a warm complexion with milky, ivory, light beige skin and golden, Venetian, or red hair. Your colors are warm and soft: brown, golden, beige, lime green, ivory, turquoise, orange or even pastel blue..
  • Your season is summer if you have a cold complexion and pink or beige skin, blond, golden or ash hair. Colors: raspberry or plum. The bluish reds, the lemon yellow, the green water, suit you particularly well.en.
  • You are in the fall if your complexion is warm, with dark beige skin, peach, and have dark hair with golden highlights. Colors: Klein blue, orange, caramel, salmon, duck blue, khaki or bronze..
  • You are winter if you have a cold complexion and pink, reddish, mat or olive skin with brown or brown hair. The peach or brown colors will suit you perfectly. You can wear colors such as fuchsia, carmine and yellow bright or royal blue.

Choose the color that matches your complexion

In addition to the seasons and the hot or cold complexion, you should especially observe your skin color to determine the colors that suit you best. In summary :

  • If you have milky skin and a pale complexion, you can wear royal blue, navy blue, black, mauve, green, light brown or khaki
  • For light skin tones with skin that tends towards beige or pink, choose warm and soft colors such as brown, bronze, beige, gray and raspberry
  • If you have a matte, tanned or dark skin, the top would be deep and sparkling colors, such as pink, plum orle red, that blend perfectly with your complexion.

Thanks to this precious information, you will finally know whichcolors suits you best, keep these colors in mind when shopping!



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