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Surprise! You would have expected all the answers except these; and yet this is what society has taught us for a long time. When you are a working girl in a company, the only clothes you are allowed to wear are women's suits. By definition, a woman's costume is a skirt, a top, and a jacket. This image, although very old, is still alive today. So much so that in some companies, from receptionist to senior manager, all women wear women's suits. Fortunately, everything ends up changing.anger.

Breathe! The costume for women is almost dead.e.

With the new habits and the women who now have the right to wear pants, no one is shocked to see a working girl come to work in pants. Fortunately, because the pants are so comfortable that it is difficult to imagine that in the near future women will be able to do without them. Thus, the classic work outfit today is the pants associated with a top or a shirt.hemise.


As for the dress, it is making a timid entry into the corporate world, but it is already occupying a good place. So you can easily wear pants or a dress to your work. However, avoid wearing a dress that is too tight, or too short. We would not want to rush these gentlemen too 50s. They will eventually accept that a woman has the right to be sexy anywhere, but for the moment, they are made to accept one thing after another.utre.

In business, don't forget your professional statusl

Today, it is above all the professional status of the working girl that defines the type of clothing to wear in a company. For a senior executive who often has to meet with investors and go to meetings, the pants are more comfortable and practical. It therefore represents the best option. But for a simple employee or an intermediate status, both options are possible.s.


The only rule to respect for a working girl is therefore to wear suitable clothing to work in comfort. Do you agree with this principle Do you have another opinion If so, feel free to share them in the comments.ires.