What to wear for a job interview?

What to wear for a job interview?


That's it, you've been applying for a while now to a job you want. One or more recruiters have just called you, and you are ready, like a lioness, to facethe crucial stage of the job interview. Yes, that's right, but unfortunately you know only too littlewhat to wear. Don't panic, we're here to guide you. Zoom ongood clothing practices at ajob interview.


First of all, it will be essential to pay attention to the philosophy of the company. Indeed, it can give you many clues about what it will be wiseto wear during the interview. Do not hesitate to look at their social networks and website, in order to immerse yourself in their codes. This will probably be beneficial for you. Especially since you will probably find valuable information for your interview in terms of answers to questions asked by the recruiter.

If you find that the company is very serious, do not hesitate to bet on afairly modern set of colors, but not flashys. Thus, navy blue at the top and bottom, black or gray may prove to be a to do. Beware, however, of the gray, which can very quickly be memorable. Regarding shoes, do not bet on heels too high 10 cm maximum, and avoid ballerinas which may be a little too relaxing.nte.


We can also turn to certain timeless things such asthe white blouse, and lift the outfit with electric blue or red pumps. Finally, you choose your bag that is neither too small nor too large. And above all, we avoid vulgarity at all costs: hide these tattoos and too long nails that we could not see! Finally, avoid jeans, which could be frowned upon by some recruiters.s.


Finally, in terms of makeup, you can bet on a nude lipstick or a little pink, but not flashy, with a discreet line of eyeliner, accompanied by its eternal mascara, and a little blush where we will have light hand. Good luck to you !

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