What colors to wear in spring, summer, fall and winter?

What colors to wear in spring, summer, fall and winter?

What color to wear in spring?

In spring, you candarepurple, it is besides thea color of the yeare ! Be careful however because it may get stuck with tanned skin. Then prefer the rdare, blue and pastel colors (lavender, baby blue. You can play on earth tones: the sage green, brick or locree. Thepale yellow is super cute combinedwith gray or light blue stockings. Without forgetting thespring color ultimate :cherry red.



What color to wear in summer?

Summeré, make way forpastel shades.Pleasant colors, shimmering but pale. Dare tolilac or cinderella blue. For a little more pep, swap the pink sometimes too wise for abubblegum rose, more chippie. Don't forget the green, which is an energy-filled color. Pattern level, bring out the small or longe) floral dress. Avery light polka dot blouse will do the trick perfectly during city walks. You would have understood it,, summeré this is the season where we dares colors and patterns ! In terms of material, preferlinen and light cotton.



What color to wear in fall?

The wind picks up and the temperature cools down. Opt fora very fashionable tone this year :orangee. Who besides marries perfectly with blue color. You have other colors to choose from: caramel, tobacco brown, salmon, khakior chocolate. The patterns meanwhile become more geometric:shirts and plaid jackets are out. So you can consideran orange top over raw blue jeans.

What color to wear in winter?

We mistakenly think that winter our outfits must be dark. It’s very wrongx.Snow white knit sweater, caramel pants and light gray coat will suit you perfectly. Andno black scarfe ! Worn close to the face, the black scarf reveals your imperfections and gives you a dull complexion. Choose a maxi gray printed scarf,light brown or even white. Or you can also wearpowder pink or salmon.

Material side, you can put somefur, velvet, virgin wool, langora, mohair, lalpaga, or flannelle.


Now you have abest idea of colors to wear for each season. You canmarry the colors especially in terms of accessories, not forgetting to putyour little touch to each of your outfits !


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