What makes a color YOUR color?

We saw in the previous article how to define your hot or cold complexion and the season to which you belong. You have a warm complexion if gold jewelry stands out better on your skin; a cold complexion if the silver jewelry. A little reminder about the seasons: :

  • You are a spring woman if you have fair, golden, peachy skin tone, with blonde or light brown hair. The warm and soft colors will suit you perfectly: light brown, taupe, turquoise, pistachio green, anise, lime blossom, tea rose, coral, peach, salmon, apricot, lavender, pearly white.
  • You are summer if you have a dewy, light beige, ivory-yellow skin, and very light, platinum, gray or dark brown, ash or brown hair. Soft and pale pastel colors are the ones that will suit you best: very light yellow, sky blue, sea green, soft bluish red, powder pink, plum, garnet, fuchsia, purple, raspberry.
  • You're a fall woman if you have rosy, golden, ivory, peach-beige, yellow and dark beige, bronze skin, and blonde, chestnut, or chocolate hair. The natural colors will suit you extremely well: caramel, chestnut, olive green, bronze, saffron, golden yellow, sienna, golden brown, dark honey, orange, brick, copper..
  • Winter is your season if you have matte, olive, beige, peach skin tone with dark brown, dark chestnut, or black hair. Strong colors will suit you perfectly: Pacific blue, cardinal purple, Tyrian pink, ruby, fuchsia, carmine, pearl pink, pine green, pure white.r.

A color that matches your personality

Yellow generally goes with a sociable and radiant personality. Always in a good mood, he is expressive and open-minded..
Blue is rather calming and conformist. He has a strong desire to learn and takes the time to think things through before making the right decision..
Green corresponds to a calm and balanced person. He is loyal, generous with a great capacity for listening..
Red loves action and adventure. He gets straight to the point and makes decisions quickly.s.
Rather, the red and blue personalities will tend to be efficient at performing tasks. While greens and yellows are great in dealing with humans.n.