Functional cuts, comfortable materials and bright colors, this is what we are going to wear for this spring-summer season.
You will also find attractive details and interesting styles in our new collection of accessories.

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Mademoiselle Trendy presents the spring summer 2020 collection

A new range of quality, elegant and comfortable feminine clothing for spring-summer 2020.

Are you looking forward to enjoying the sunny days? U.S. too ! It's time to embrace the cheerful colors and lighter moods of the warmer months ahead. With superb series of colors superimposed to complete a bold pattern.

Mademoiselle Trendy is very pleased to present its new range of clothing styles to you in our Spring Summer 2020 collection.

Colors of the season

For Spring Summer 2020, Mademoiselle Trendy used a combination of bright, deep and subtle pastel colors. This gives a refreshing summer collection, which will appeal to everyone.

Among these bright colors, we can mention Bleu Paradis and Powder Pink. All of these rich, vibrant colors add a splash of color to any wardrobe.

A few items in deeper shades are also essential, as they are easy to mix and match. These deep and essential colors for Spring Summer 2020 are navy blue, Bermuda blue, storm blue and sapphire.

Spring essentials

When creating a spring wardrobe, it helps to have things you can lean on that can harmonize with your existing clothes. Light cotton and linen are a good example. But they are not just a choice of practical clothing. These pieces are comfortable and light.

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