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Find our selection of 'working girl' pants for women and complete your wardrobe with Mademoiselle Trendy. We offer you models of pants perfectly adapted to your figure.

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Tom gray pants
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Tom gray pants
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Victoria red pants
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Fluid black pants
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Navy tailored pants
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Many have forgotten the time, in France, when women could not wear pants without knowing the rejection of others and even its prohibition by law ... and this until a much more recent time than you thought!

So you will certainly be surprised to know that until 2013, in France, the law prohibited women from wearing pants ! (Except on horseback or by bike or for medical reasons). This law was of course obsolete and not applied for a very long time (if not forgotten!), But it was indeed repealed in 2013 only! Even if the shape of the pants for woman is very comfortable and much more practical than the dresses or the skirts.

The woman trousers are classified according to the length and shape of legs. They can be made of different materials (canvas, velvet, jeans, synthetic, leather). Relaxation pants , like the cargo model, are made of a light and comfortable fabric. Pair pants with a blazer , it's an ideal combination for going to work. For each circumstance, there are pants adapted to your needs in our pants shop for women.

Caroline high waist tailored pants

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Caroline high waist tailored pants

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